Landscape Design and Installation - Kansas City

Great Landscapes don’t happen by accident. Landscaping is both science and art, which requires good observation and design skills. Gecko understands the elements of nature and construction and blends them accordingly.

Gecko Landscape Creations has over a decade of experience in landscape design and installation in Kansas City and surrounding area. Our landscape designer will visit and talk with you about your budget and how you intend to use your space and elements that you would like in your garden. Additionally, Gecko will identify any existing plants that you would like to keep, determine available lighting and assess any drainage issues you’d like to correct.

Gecko chooses a landscape design that looks good year around and has the best chance to survive the Kansas City hot dry summers and cold, frozen winters. Our professional landscape designer will design a garden that is beautiful, well functioning, and thrives over time.

Once we have helped you pick out your unique design, our Kansas City landscape specialists will begin the installation process. We take great measures to ensure you are minimally inconvenienced by our work and fully satisfied after it’s complete.

Please take the time to browse our gallery, we are very proud of the work we have done. When you are ready to realize your dream, contact Gecko and leave the rest up to us.