Drainage Solutions- Kansas City

Gecko Landscape Creations, LLC  are your Specialist for Landscape Drainage Systems/Erosion control & Drainage Remediation in Kansas City and surrounding communities.

Inadequate or improper drainage can be destructive to your lawn or landscaping but it can also result in much bigger problems such as your foundation, causing not only cosmetic problems but financial ones as well. Grading away from a foundation with the correct slope is the easiest of solutions to the possible yard drainage problems you may encounter. But sometimes, poor drainage in a yard isn't corrected so easily. Grading the ground along the foundation may not be enough. 

Gecko’s water and drainage professionals will explore a variety of methods to help solve your water problems-

French Drains - When some people speak of a “French drain,” they refer to a trench in which a drain pipe is laid, but the traditional French drain is basically a trench filled with gravel.

Dry Creek Beds - Sometimes, measures we undertake to resolve landscaping issues are merely utilitarian. For example, a French drain may solve a water problem, but it adds no beauty to the landscape. Luckily, such is not the case with dry creek beds. These features have become quite beautiful and fashionable.

FLEX-Drain- is an example of a product used to extend downspouts. It takes the downspout water and channels it away from your house. Its flexible nature comes in handy when you need to work around foundation plantings, for instance.

Solving drainage problems in turf, tree and landscape plantings
Understanding soil type and correcting site grading can solve poor drainage problems.

Our professional installers are knowledgeable and courteous. Gecko uses innovative technology, superior craftsmanship and the best products available. We strive to keep the process quick with as little disruption to your life as possible and as always we back our work with one of the best guarantees in the business.

We take pride in our honesty, integrity and punctuality, because we know that you want the job done right the first time, and you want it done in a timely manner. We will work to accommodate your budget. We encourage you to browse our site. Take a look at our gallery, read our customer tesimonials, and contact us to discuss your drainage solution.